About Us

aboutus_pic1Along with our sister company, Maximise, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of Scent Strips, Fragrance Tester Strips, Perfume Testing Strips, Smelling Strips, Sniff Testers, Cologne Blotter Strips, Mouillettes de Parfum.

Using our Founder and Managing Director Andy Hudson’s 30 years experience & expertise in the production and supply of Tester Blotters, we supply many Retailers & Manufacturers worldwide with Tester Blotter Strips.

Exhibiting superior absorption and retention characteristics, our Tester Blotter Strips which are manufactured in the UK, provide the consistent standard for scent evaluation and are used throughout the Beauty, Perfume, Aromatherapy and Essential Oil industries, and are also used in the Food & Flavours industries for testing Whiskey, Coffee, Brewing etc…